Mrs. Margarette Golding, the founder of Inner Wheel

The Inner Wheel Day -
January 10th is celebrated worldwide

IIW President Helena Foster (1969-1970) came up with the idea for a special day for a special organisation, so she wrote a letter to all clubs worldwide

"I would like to ask all members of clubs throughout the world to link together in ACTION ON JANUARY 10th. I have choosen this special day because it was on January 10th 1924 that the Mother Club , the Manchester Inner Wheel club,England, first adopted the name INNER WHEEL. It can be interpreted in any way you think fit- in group or as individuals- giving personal service to someone who needs you- planting a tree or flowers to beautify some corner of your land, or just the simple act of writing a letter. I am sure that there is inspiration and encouragement to be gained by the knowledge that your fellow members throughout the world are at that moment joined together to extend service and friendship" .

The response to the first celebration of Inner Wheel day was magnificent-

"We were filled with pride and happiness as the letters poured in , describing so vividly the infinite ways in which members had brought joy and confort to so many" Editor Audrey Sargeant noted "Hundreds of letters from Clubs all over the world testify to the sucess of Helena Foster's challenge".

It is now celebrated in many diverse ways, each of them reflecting the aims of Inner Wheel: friendship, service, and international understanding.Some clubs have a social activity reflecting the friendship of members.Some members may help at a hospital or day centre or provide tea party for the elderly or for needy children.Many clubs will light a friendship candle or contact other clubs abroad to wish them well
(quoted from "The Inner Wheel Spirit" by Luisa Vinciguerra and the IIW homepage)

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