Chris Kirby - Weltpräsidentin 2018 - 2019


President Christine's Opening Message

Posted by International Inner Wheel | Jul 04, 2018 |

The completion of another Inner Wheel year is an ideal opportunity to reflect on our contribution towards the protection and promotion of those important Objects of our great organisation.  On behalf of all Inner Wheel members I would like to express thanks to IPP Dr Kapila Gupta for the immense good she has achieved for our wonderful organisation during her presidential year.   For our new Inner Wheel year, my wish for every individual member, where we now look to Empower and Evolve, is that we:   *Educate ourselves about Inner Wheel's past, honouring our rich history and, using this knowledge and experience, make our mark and forge Inner Wheel's future. *Participate fully in the life of our Clubs.  *Remember the excitement and honour we individually felt to have been extended that invitation to join Inner Wheel - and pass the experience of that invitation forward to invite someone new into the Inner Wheel family. *Explore IW beyond our individual Clubs. It is there that we can experience much more of Inner Wheel in its complete diversity, its unambiguous warmth and all its potential. *Continue to vigorously promote and represent Inner Wheel. As wonderful and worthwhile as we know our organisation to be, the reality is that, sadly, it remains the world's best kept secret. A positive and motivated member is the best advertisement. *Work proudly beside all other service Clubs, showing that members of Inner Wheel  are working cooperatively for the benefit of communities across the world.   And when we work together as members of IW, friendships and other benefits come.   May the many blessings of Inner Wheel remain with us all.  

Chris Kirby 

IIW President 2018-2019

International Inner Wheel


The Venus Symbol - Empower and Evolve

The symbol for "woman" or "female" was named after the Goddess Venus and has become the symbol denoting all things female.

The circle, or in our case the wheel, denotes the inclusive nature of our organisation. Here there is no exclusion. All  welcome, and ever-expanding

 The cross (added in the 16th century) rests beneath the womb (represented by the circle in the Venus symbol). The location of the cross under the circle indicates all are birthed from an inclusive, loving womb.

On the top half we feel the openness and inclusivity (circle). Yet, on the lower half we experience a narrowing, or a "coming to the crux." Visually you can see opening and closing, beginnings and endings, in this symbol.

 Through the symbol and the theme there is an acknowledgement of the great need for women to change the world through their own empowerment and evolution.

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