Dear IW friends

IW Greetings to you all, at all levels of IW administration. We start the new IW year with new zeal, with new hopes new avenues of service & friendship and with a new look & new ideas. Ideas to change the way we serve to leave a lasting Legacy.

IW is member base organization at all levels and a service based organization with defined goals. We realize that the world understands what IW is and what do we do. Each one of us is not defined by who we are but by what we do. IW has been around for 93 years and is growing each year, so much so that this year the International IW celebrates its 50th year.

Whatever service work you undertake, be it education, improving sanitation or building playgrounds, senior citizen homes, do these in such a way as to let the world around you know your service and our drive to be the largest women's service organization. We are changing the lives of many by the service we provide - in ways large or small but we are trying --- to leave a lasting legacy.

If you want 2017-18 to be your year-do not sit on the couch and wait for it.Go out, make a change. Do new things, throw away what you have been cluttering - be it negative thoughts or people; be fierce; do not gossip; do things that challenge you; learn empathy; Leave a Lasting Legacy of your work for your community and promote the IW.

Whether you're a regular convention goer, haven't been to one in a few years, or haven't yet attended your first, the 2018 convention will be the one you won't want to miss. Melbourne is a great destination in its own right, with great food, friendly people, and many local attractions to enjoy. But the real reason to come to the convention is always the convention itself, and the people, ideas, inspiration, and friendship you'll find there. To learn more, and save money on registration, visit See you in Melbourne

Dr Kapila
IIW President 2017-18
International Inner Wheel

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