International Inner Wheel @ UN at Vienna

Representatives at the United Nations

International Inner Wheel is an NGO (non-governmental organization), inserted in the ECOSOC roster. It has several representatives at the UN ( more information at IIW).  We currently have 5 IW members accredited at the United Nations Offices in Geneva, Vienna and New York:

Our Representatives in Vienna are


Vienna is one of the 4 Headquarters of the United Nations along with New York, Geneva and Nairobi.

The Vienna International Centre was opened in 1979 and is home to a great number of members of the United Nations Family like the International Atomic Energy Agency, the International Narcotics Control Board, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the United Nations Commission on Trade Law, and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization to name a few. More than 4000 employees from over 110 countries work for these Vienna based organizations.

 Approximately 500 representatives of non- governmental organizations (NGOs), research institutes, political think tanks and initiatives of civil society are accredited to the United Nations Vienna and work in a large number of different Co

Gregor-Hu Ceja

Mobil: +43 676 62 89 775

E-Mail: ceja(kwfat)aon(kwfdot)at

Sprachen: Holländisch (Muttersprache), Deutsch, Englisch, Italienisch

Inner Wheel Mitglied seit April 1993


- Club-Präsidentin 1996 / 1997 IWD Wien-West

- Internationaler Dienst

- Sozialdienst

- Gründungs-Präsidentin des Distrikts 192 Austria 2013 / 2014

- Club-Präsidentin 2016 /17 IWC Wien-Nordost

- Club-Präsidentin 2017/18 IWC Wien-Nordost


2003: Margarette Golding Award für die Arbeit mit MS Patienten im Haus der Barmherzigkeit, Wien

Vereinte Nationen Wien:

Seit 1998 Vertreterin von International Inner Wheel in den NGO Committees on "Ageing", "The Family" and "The Status of Women".

Vorstands-Mitglied in den NGO Committees on "The Status of Women" and "Ageing".